NexImage has arrived!

Posted by Carol
Aug 27 2009 have made it onto my “recommended suppliers” list, now that my Celestron NexImage has arrived (the day after ordering). I’m very pleased and have done a practice capture in daylight to make sure the camera is working and to have a shot with the software.  Everything worked fine and was straighforward enough.  The software works by recording an AVI video of whatever you would like to photograph.  Then the software aligns and stacks the frames from the video, takes out the duff ones, and leaves you with the best possible final image.  There are a lot of controls and settings within the software, so I imagine there will be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to actual astrophotography, but I’m reasonably confident I’ll be able to produce a half-decent picture.  Famous last words?!

I’ve also ordered a 3.3x Barlow, which is coming from “Lotnabox” via Ebay.  I ordered this at lunchtime and have since had a message to say it’s been posted, so we’ll see how long it takes to arrive (never can tell with Royal Mail these days!).

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