Solar filter STILL not here because…

Posted by Carol
Sep 04 2009

…. it turns out it hasn’t even been POSTED yet!

I ordered it by phone last Friday (28th) and was told they had one in stock and it would go out same day.  Still no sign of it on Wednesday, so I gave them a call and they assured me it HAD been posted by Recorded Delivery and to give it a few more days.  They said they’d send me the tracking number by email which they didn’t do.  So I called them again today after the post had been delivered and it turns out it WASN’T in stock when I ordered it and is only expected to arrive back in stock this afternoon.  They’ve said that, if it does indeed arrive today with them, they’ll get it in the post to me today.  I’ve asked them to email me when it’s been posted, so HOPEFULLY I’ll get my solar filter soon!

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