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Sep 17 2009

This is my first bash at Jupiter with the new camera – it’s not great, but it’s a starting point!

Jupiter with Canon EOS 300D

Jupiter with Canon EOS 300D & 2x Barlow

I need to get the step ladder out, as I have to look into the camera in order to try and focus but the size of the camera makes it too high up for me (even with the telescope legs at their lowest setting).  I tried standing on a garden chair tonight but that made me too HIGH and it was killing my back having to lean over!  It’s very hard to get a focus because I’m looking into a tiny wee camera viewfinder so I think it’s a case of trial and error – take a picture, check it on the computer, re-focus and try again etc. etc.

Am looking forward to trying with the moon again next time it’s up and about – think it’ll be an easier target for me to practice with!

UPDATE (an hour or so later):

Just struck me that I can just turn the telescope tube round a bit, so that the bit for the eyepiece / camera etc. is at the side, rather than the top … then I don’t need a step ladder!  I don’t think there’s a reason I can’t do that?!?!

Nice moon tonight!

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Sep 09 2009


This is at f/10.

Had another bash at Jupiter and could see the two main stripes quite clearly in the telescope.  Got closer to capturing a picture of it this time, but just as I got everything lined up and started to focus … the laptop went into power saving mode and switched off!!  This happened a couple of times and was really starting to irritate me, so I moved onto the moon since it had appeared by that point.

We’re forecast to have a couple of clear nights, so hopefully I’ll get out again tomorrow.

Here’s the moon video that the picture was generated from:

Solar filters

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Aug 22 2009

I was thinking last night that it would be good to be able to view the sun through the telescope. It’ll give me more “telescope time” while it’s staying light so far into the evening.

So, I started researching solar filters and found a major price difference:

I think the difference is in the material – the cheaper one is glass and can shatter / break when dropped.  The more expensive filter is made of Baader Astro Solar™ Safety Film, which is apparently far superior to glass, Mylar or polymer materials.  It gives brighter, sharper and higher contrast pictures.

1 hour later…

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Aug 20 2009

I think I have it set up. Well, mostly set up – I haven’t done the balancing part and, to be honest, I’m not 100% sure I’ve done it all right. But I don’t have any leftover parts, so I guess I must be close!

I’ll ask my trusty other half to look over it this evening then hopefully we can get started tonight. Now going to have a look through a CD-ROM I got with the telescope which will hopefully give us some tips to get started with.


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Aug 20 2009

OK, after a few encounters with some dead beasties and spiders (it’s been stored in our garage for years, remember!), I’ve managed to get it all unpacked.

Doesn’t look so bad actually (famous last words?):

Let the assembling begin!

Let’s get started!

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Aug 20 2009

It’s 1pm, the kids are upstairs for their naps and hubbie is about to go to work. This afternoon, I’m going to try and turn this:

Into a fully setup telescope, ready for some star gazing! According to the weather forecast, we’re due to have some clear skies later this evening so I want to get the telescope up and ready.

I’ve got the instruction manual and, to be honest, just looking at it is giving me a bit of a headache. But I’ll give it a try…