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Astrophotography, Telescopes | Posted by Carol
Sep 17 2009

This is my first bash at Jupiter with the new camera – it’s not great, but it’s a starting point!

Jupiter with Canon EOS 300D

Jupiter with Canon EOS 300D & 2x Barlow

I need to get the step ladder out, as I have to look into the camera in order to try and focus but the size of the camera makes it too high up for me (even with the telescope legs at their lowest setting).  I tried standing on a garden chair tonight but that made me too HIGH and it was killing my back having to lean over!  It’s very hard to get a focus because I’m looking into a tiny wee camera viewfinder so I think it’s a case of trial and error – take a picture, check it on the computer, re-focus and try again etc. etc.

Am looking forward to trying with the moon again next time it’s up and about – think it’ll be an easier target for me to practice with!

UPDATE (an hour or so later):

Just struck me that I can just turn the telescope tube round a bit, so that the bit for the eyepiece / camera etc. is at the side, rather than the top … then I don’t need a step ladder!  I don’t think there’s a reason I can’t do that?!?!

I cheated

Astronomy Shopping, Astrophotography | Posted by Carol
Sep 06 2009

I’m supposed to be saving up for a Canon 300D and I’m only about 20% of the way there …. but I saw one on Ebay that was a good buy (included the lens, waterproof bag, manual, battery, charger, 4GB card etc.) so I went for it!  Also ordered the t-adapter and t-ring to match.  Feel slightly sick at the thought of spending all that money, but I think it’ll be a good investment both for astrophotography and for the digital photography course I start next month!  Will keep telling myself that anyway 😉