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Tried Jupiter again …

Astrophotography | Posted by Carol
Sep 19 2009

… but it didn’t go well!  I took a few shots with the 2x barlow but when I checked them on the PC, they were just like bright fuzzy blobs.  Which has led me to the conclusion that I’m using too high an ISO setting on the camera and am therefore over-exposing the image.  In my head, I just assumed that because the sky is very DARK, I’d need to use ISO 1600 … but I now think that the sky may be dark but Jupiter is actually quite BRIGHT, so a lower ISO setting will actually work better.

Unfortunately, Jupiter disappears behind our house quick sharply, so I’m out of time tonight – but this will be my experiment on the next clear night: to use different ISO settings.

(And, by the way, turning the telescope tube round worked a TREAT!  I even got to sit on a chair while I was taking my pictures!)