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The learning curve continues!

Astronomy General | Posted by Carol
Aug 29 2009

I mentioned a few days back that I’d been doing an online tutorial which taught me to find Orion amongst other things but when I’d gone outside to find Orion in the actual sky, it was nowhere to be seen.  Well, today I’ve been reading a book that my dad has allowed me to borrow called Collins Stars and Planets Guide and one thing it includes is a month-by-month guide to what is visible in the sky for each hemisphere.  As it turns out, Orion isn’t currently visible here – which explains nicely why I couldn’t see it! It won’t be visible again until October.

Interactive night sky

Astronomy General | Posted by Carol
Aug 24 2009

I came across this interactive night sky tutorial and it’s ACE!

It teaches you how to find Orion, Betelgeuse, Polaris, Jupiter, The Big Dipper and Cassiopeia.  I did the first part of it (Orion) then rushed outside and couldn’t find it 🙁  So I went back inside, finished off the tutorial and felt MUCH more confident that I’d be able to find Orion …. but the sky has clouded over!!

I’ll re-do the tutorial every day until I know it all inside out and hopefully I’ll get another clear sky soon so I can try out my new skills!