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NexImage tips & tricks

Astrophotography | Posted by Carol
Sep 05 2009

After last night’s plantary imaging failure, I decided to look for some tips & tricks for NexImage and came across Quick Guide to Capturing Images with the Celestron NexImage Solar System Imager by Mike Swanson.

After reading it, this is my plan of action for the next clear night when I attempt to capture anything other than the moon:

  • Change the frame rate to 5fps
  • Set white balance to auto
  • Set gain to minimum
  • Set gamma to minimum
  • Set brightness and saturation to middle
  • Set shutter speed to slightly darker than I’d like (I usually do this bit anyway)
  • Change output size to 320 x 240 (currently set to 640 x 480 so this will hopefully make a difference)
  • Change the frame rate to 20-30fps for focus, then back to 5fps for capture

Those are the instructions in the PDF linked to above, so we’ll see how it goes.  Now all I need is another clear night…