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Weather forecast

Astronomy General, Astronomy Shopping | Posted by Carol
Aug 26 2009

Weather forecast for my area:

Today: Rain
Tomorrow: Rain
28th August: Rain
29th August: Rain
30th August: Rain
31st August: Rain
1st September: Rain
2nd September: Rain


On a more positive note, I ordered my Celestron NexImage this morning thanks to a fantastic 30% off August Special Offer on I’m told it’s being dispatched today – woohoo! Now all I need is a vaguely clear sky…

I’d been doing a fair bit of price research for the three things I have on my “astronomy shopping list”:

  1. Celestron NexImage
  2. 3x Barlow Lens
  3. Solar filter

And had come across NexImage on a website called Crazy Cameras for the bargain basement price of £71.99 with free delivery.  I’d tried to contact them through their Live Chat and wasn’t able to get through, so I decided to do a little web search and check them out.  The first thing I came across was this thread and I’m SO glad I saw it before I decided to place an order.  The next best price was 365Astronomy, who answered my email promptly and called to return my missed call (from 9pm last night) too.  Good service gets the sale, every time!  Once the NexImage arrives safely, I’ll create a link category on the sidebar for recommended, reliable astronomy suppliers and put them on it.