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Installing NexImage on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Astrophotography | Posted by Carol
Aug 05 2014

I haven’t been out with the telescope in a long while, but have decided to get back into it.  The biggest change since I was last out is that I have a more modern laptop, now running Windows 8.1, so I needed to get the NexImage software and drivers re-installed.

My first obstacle was the fact that I have lost my NexImage installation CD-ROM!  Thankfully there is a way around it, the details of which can be found here in the Celestron Knowledgebase.

Essentially, you need to download the drivers for the Philips SPC900NC/00 camera application (which the NexImage camera is based on) – the download links are on the Celestron link above, along with clear step-by-step instructions.

Then you can download AMCap (for the actual video capture) and RegiStax (to turn a stack of images into one SUPER image) from here.

So, my software and drivers is set up and ready to go …. now I just need to re-assemble the telescope….